This is a descriptive definition of the style of games that are generally written at Peaky Midwest. It’s intended to be a starting point so we can talk about larp style without confusing ourselves.

It is NOT meant to be a prescriptive definition of the kind of LARP we write. Many wonderful games written at Peaky Midwest have discarded some of these conventions. It is 100% ok if you want to write something different than this or prefer different kinds of games. Part of the point of the workshop is to give people space to experiment if they want to!

If you're interested, here is more information about the history of our style.

What is a Peaky Midwest style game?

Peaky Midwest games tend to share most (but not always all) of the following:

During Peaky Midwest writing teams are generally formed of three to six people and teams have only a day and a half to get their game ready. Because of these limitations Peaky Midwest games generally: