Peaky Midwest aspires to be a welcoming and friendly place where we work together to write and to learn to write great games.

If you attend we expect you to:

We expect you to treat other attendees with respect and kindness regardless of characteristics like gender, ethnicity, skin color, disability, or weight. While we understand that not all players can play all LARPs and that time is limited during the workshop, we expect writers to do their best to provide reasonable accommodations for players who sign up to playtest their games.

Peaky Midwest has a volunteer safety team dedicated to helping attendees in difficult social situations. If you need social mediation, other assistance, or just someone to talk to, please contact an organizer or safety team member. Please feel free to contact us before, at, or after the workshop. We can be contacted in person or by email and will respect your requests for anonymity or non-disclosure unless we are bound by law to do otherwise (a situation which we hope won’t ever come up).

Organizer and safety team contact information can be found on the contact page.

We ask (but don’t require) that you:

Peaky Midwest is a private event held at a private home. The hosts and organizers reserve the right to monitor your behavior, issue you warnings, restrict how you may participate in the workshop, refuse to admit you, or ask you to leave the event. We believe people who understand what they’ve done wrong are more likely to change for the better, however we are not obliged to provide attendees with explanations for our decisions if we feel we have compelling reasons not to.