Since 2018 we have used a more structured way of organizing playtests that is easier for both GMs and players.

On Saturday we ask that each writing group submit a game title, list of authors, preliminary player requirements (min and max number, any gender limits, etc.), and a one or two sentence blurb describing their game by noon. There is a simple web form that's easy and fast.

At noon, we use the submitted game information to make a player interest form and send that to all registered players and writers. This form lists the games we are planning to playtest with the preliminary descriptions and asks that you tell us what times you are available to playtest and which games you are interested in playing. The player interest form is a simple web form; it shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to fill out.

We ask that players and writers submit the interest form by 6pm on Saturday.

Note: The name you list on the player interest form will be shared with other players and writers. Please use a shortened name or a pseudonym if you do not want your full name shared with this group.

On Saturday night our playtest coordinator arranges the playtest times and assign playtesters to games based on your preferences. We announce the player lists and game times before we retire on Saturday night.

On Sunday, come and playtest games! Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the beginning of slots you are playing in so that the GMs have a chance to give you a questionnaire and pre-cast characters. Please feel free to arrive earlier and stay later than your playtests. If you are around during times when you don’t have a playtest scheduled there will be snacks, fun people to chat with, and board games to play. :)