Some legalese about rights:

By attending all writers agree that members of their Peaky Midwest writing team have the right to develop their game after the workshop. This means that you do not need the permission of your fellow writers to further develop a game you worked on at Peaky Midwest, although we urge people to continue collaborating with their team if they can. This is mostly a precaution to allow your team members to work on games if you drop off the face of the Earth.

All writers agree to grant the original writers of a game the opportunity to review the finished game before publication and the right to choose whether or not they will be credited in the publication as the original authors. If an original author does not keep their email contact information current with the Peaky Midwest organization or does not respond to a request to review a finished game for more than a month, they grant the other writers the right to publish the game without their name (the writers will explicitly remove their credit as original author so they aren't associated with any content that they were unable to review). Again, this is mostly a safeguard against people becoming completely unreachable or unresponsive.

By writing at Peaky Midwest you also grant the Peaky Midwest organization the non-exclusive right to publish your finished game. This means that writers retain the right to run and publish their games without consulting us. We request (but don't require) that you publish games through Peaky Midwest to help raise funds for future workshops.