Written by Quinn D, Eli Itah, and Eva Schiffer

A game for 8 players and 1 GM.

The residents of the Emerald Wizard's Tower must routinely refresh the spells that keep the magic systems in the tower running. This ritual should have been a regular occurance, just like it was last month, but something has gone terribly wrong. Now 8 people are trapped in a time loop until they can work together to understand and repair the spell, the rifts between them, and perhaps even some hidden mysteries.

This game will begin with a vision scene showing everyone alive and well once they escape the time loop. Then you will need to perform the ritual spell, with disastrous results. Some exciting and terrible things will happen to and between the characters as time loops back on itself, but in the end everything can be fixed and things will turn out ok.

Content warnings: Death of characters, death of a parent, possibly not being who you think you are