Written by Ohli Alsip, Milena Milojicic, Emry Sottile, and Susan Weiner

A game for 7 cast players, 2 to 4 horde players, and 2 GMs over 2 hours.

Magical Institute of Thaumaturgy (MIT): The world's (almost) foremost school of higher education in the magical arts. Here, brilliant professors wrestle with ideas that people were never meant to understand. Grad students labor to create new rituals and test the principles by which the magical world runs. Undergraduates whisper spells to one another about making stronger beer, curing hangovers and cheating on tests. And, of course, whatever demon was summoned last night rampages through the deep stacks of the library.

But you’re not any of those people; you’re not magic at all! You’re the janitors, cooks, department secretaries, and groundskeepers who have to deal with all these jerks. They may be brilliant scholars and mages, but none of them have the common sense the gods gave a gerbil and half of them can’t remember to put their pants on facing the right direction. Of course, some of your coworkers aren’t so great either...

And it’s Non-Magical Staff Appreciation Day —if two pizzas and a liter of soda counts as appreciation— on the eve of the Hocus-Pocus Learning Caucus’ evaluation and the fate of MIT rests in the balance. Will the antics of upstart employees and buffoonish students cause the university to lose its accreditation?

Concealed College is a LARP about the non-magical people who really make the world’s foremost magical university run. It’s a light secrets and powers game about the drama among these people and their individual goals, interrupted by a horde that represents the faculty, students and assorted magical creatures of the university.

Players will either play a non-magical cast character or part of the magical horde. Cast characters are the non-magical staff and will be consistent throughout the game. Horde players will play representatives of the magical side of the college here to disrupt things. Horde players will each play a number of different characters throughout the game.

Content warnings: Substance Use, MLM scams, Magical Emotional Manipulation, Union busting, Light mind control, Surprise Parentage, Poison, Shitty bosses, Workplace Antagonism, Classism/Hierarchy, Mild pet illness