Written by Quinn D, Jest Pestlin, and Susan Schmidt

A game for 4 to 15 players and 1 or 2 GMs over 2 hours.

Demands of Passall is a larp about a group of Acolytes who follow the 5 Aspects of Passall.  It follows the Acolytes’ journey through faith, doubt, and/or zealotry as their gods speak to and make demands of them.  Will you stay faithful through the sacrifices you have to make and the tasks that are required of you? This a larp about having and doubting faith and the actions of a deity which they cannot truly understand.

Content warnings:  Faith in a questionable deity, fictional rituals, betrayal of others, harming others (offstage, no sexual assault or harm to children or animals), self harm as a sacrifice demanded by deity, sacrifice, intolerance of the unfaithful