Written by  Brendan Adkins, Matthew Francois, Esa Sclafani, and Susan Weiner

A game for 8 to 10 players and 2 GMs over 2 hours.

It's a busy Saturday night at Tâble, a haute cuisine restaurant in the heart of the city. In the back of the house, the politics are as hot as the oil and with all the backstabbing going on, people are starting to worry about the knives. Restaurant management has been making a lot of changes, and the already disgruntled kitchen staff are getting the short end of the stick. Important investors are coming tonight, and the ghost sous chef is trying to hold everything together. It doesn't matter whether it's about who is getting a promotion or whether the saucier is secretly fae royalty. Either way, things can get pretty nasty and alliances are made and broken every night. Meanwhile, somehow dinner has to be made and served. And hopefully no blood will wind up in the vegetarian meals, at least.

DD&D is a Secrets and Powers LARP set in a modern fantasy world in the kitchen of a high end restaurant.

Players should be: Willing and able to work with legos

Content warnings: Incarceration, displacement, high stress environment, burns/fires