This game is available for free.

Written by Quinn D, Megan Coppock, and Eva Schiffer

A game for 2 players willing to play female characters and 1 GM over 2 hours.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

In a reimagining of Snow White, players take on the roles of evil Queen Delara and her scrying Mirror. Many things have gone wrong in the Shining Kingdom since the death of Delara’s wife, Queen Reina, six months ago, not least of which is the Queen’s increasing cruelty to her step-daughter, Princess Snow White. This is an emotional journey about processing grief through a beloved story, with many opportunities for the characters to explore parts that are normally not considered in detail in most retellings.

How will the Queen and her Mirror navigate this tale? And who will they be at the end of it?

This game can be run online or face-to-face. When run online, it requires players to take part in voice or video chat. In both versions the players will need to read text updates between each scene of the game.

Content warnings: Illness, death of a spouse or family member, grief, child neglect, potentially attempted murder, or other fairy tale cruelty that you might expect from an evil sorceress Queen.