Written by Dave Cave, Alan De Smet, and Jaime Frey

2 hours, includes 6 characters

The six of you dump out the briefcase on the table, and immediately everyone is pointing guns at everyone. How did you get here? How did this crime go so terribly, terribly wrong? Who will walk away when it's all over?

This is the story of a crime going wrong, told backward. You start at the end, with the showdown, and move backwards scene by scene, finding out what lead you here. Then it's up to you to decide how the showdown and the story end.

This game relies heavily on scene setting and player agency will be limited as you move backwards toward "the present" showdown. In each scene you will use a prompt to play toward what is being revealed in that scene. Casting will be done during the game based on your choices and you will learn about your characters through play. Please come for the ride and enjoy the fiasco of a heist falling apart around you.

Players can choose to play the characters in this game as whatever gender they prefer.

Costuming note: Just about any interpretation of "modern criminal" streetwear will be a fine costume.

Content Warnings: This game includes murders, dismemberment (of an NPC by a PC during the game), a funeral, extortion, blackmail, armed robbery, drugs, adultery, and generally terrible people making horrible decisions under pressure. Players will point prop guns made of black foam cutouts at each other during the game.