Written by Brandon Brylawski, John Kammer, Jess Pestlin, Laurie Rich, Hakan Seyalioglu, Susan Weiner

2 hours, includes 8 to 12 characters

Mwahaha! The Mad Scientist of the Year Award will soon be yours! Every year, the greatest minds in mad science gather to celebrate their genius. Every year, the wrong scientist wins. This year you've brought your finest invention to ensure your success -- but your rivals seem to have had the same idea, and the results have been ... transformative.

A lighthearted game about mad science, egos, and identity swapping. Players will play a variety of characters swapped into their body over the course of the game, all while engaging in madcap hijinks to SHOW THEM ALL!!

Player requirements: Read and write relatively quickly, willingness to switch characters.

A note about character swapping: Players will stay with the same body and pronouns the whole time. While characters may swap pronouns as they swap between bodies, gender is not addressed in the game and characters assume the gender of the body for game related reasons.

Content Warnings: Comical destruction, Simulated body swapping (no gender swapping will be experienced by players), Mad science tropes

Age Restrictions: Players 12+ are welcome.