Written by Quinn D, Lillie Franks, E. Chris Garrison, and Tara Zuber

A game with 8 female characters to be run by 2 GMs for about 2 hours

The Four-C Company use of advanced algorithms and data analysis was well known for its accuracy and reliability long before it started its matchmaking services. It was their 100% success rate guaranteed service and promise of finding their soulmates which brought Alice and Jill together.

The only problem is that their relationship failed. Keen to protect their reputation of having never been wrong, Four-C ran the algorithms again to find out that Alice and Jill are soulmates, just not with the ones from this universe. So they've brought the alternate Alice and Jills from 4 different universes together for a speed dating event to find their true soulmate.

Romantic Entanglement is a game about love, relationships, life paths, choices, and circumstances. This game will involve both one-on-one time as well as time to mingle freely.

Characters are prewritten, 3-4 pages each. They include descriptions of the character background as well as the world they come from, why they are here, and what they are seeking. All characters are women loving women, but players of any or no gender are welcome to play.

Content Warnings: Notable content is contained in character sheets, so individual exposure to each varies between hearing another character talking about it to it being part of your character background.

Content includes: broken relationships, relationship struggles, decisions about adopting children, end of life care of a loved one, death of a loved one, struggles with showing the real you, resurfaced painful emotions, drunk driving, environmental disaster, living in a police state, and sibling struggles.

Players should be 18 or older.