Written by Korey Enright, Philip Kelley, Stephanie Slattery, and Tara Zuber

2 hours, for 6 players

The Rashomon express is winding its way from Washington DC to Chicago. The 60s have dawned. It is an era of spies, intrigue, and the Space Race.

You are all night owls on this train, strangers who have found your way to the closed bar car. After a series of confused events, the Conductor enters and demands to know what has occurred. The only problem is that you each remember it differently.

Very differently.

Who’s the man on the floor? What are those papers that fluttered everywhere? Whose suitcase burst open and why does it have such weird things inside? You decide!

This game relies heavily on a variety of tropes and involves six different genres (zany comedy, musicals, high fantasy, 60s spy action, tragic romance, hard boiled noir) to tell the story of what exactly happened after the lights went out. You are playing an archetypal character, as well as the six tropey variants the others see you as.

Should you play this game?

This LARP involves a lot of improvisational play. You will move through six different versions of the same events, shifting in tone from serious to dramatic to comedic and back again. If you enjoy thinking on your feet, then this is the game for you.

This game involves controlled screaming and shouting, romantic situations, an uncertain ending, and singing.