Written by Katie Giacomini, Diana Glewwe, Clint Koglin, Jim Silverstein, and Adira Slattery

2 hours, for 4 female players, 5 male players, and 1 player of any gender

It’s March 14th, 1945 and the life you once knew now seems like a distant and hazy memory. While the war in Europe is slowly coming to a close, the Pacific Theatre is proving to be deadlier than anyone could imagine, and the US is right in the thick of it.

Tonight, however, the haze that clouds your vision is from the smoke filled music hall, where Leonard Bryston and his Orchestra are the hottest ticket in San Francisco. Not a bad way to spend your last night before you and your friends ship out. Everyone else at the party has left, and it’s wound down to just a few kindred souls who refuse to let the night fade until the dawn.