Written by Quinn D, Gail Freedman, Sarah Porter, Anita Szostak, and Steve Vig

2 hours, for 10 players

The Downstreet Repertory Theater has been around for decades. You and your colleagues have been a part of the troupe for about 3 - 5 years. The troupe performs a different show each night Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with a Sunday afternoon matinee. Every few months they rotate in a new show, including anything from Shakespeare to new plays and musicals.

The Downstreet Rep. has been performing at the historic Theater on the Square for as long as the troupe has existed. Unfortunately, that is about to change. A developer has purchased an old section of the city, and the Theater on the Square is slated for demolition.

In two hours the curtain will go up on The Haymaker, a well received play about a farm family who uses their grandfather’s antique tractor to prevent developers from taking over the family farm. which will be the final performance before the demolition of the Theater on the Square. You and your colleagues have one last chance to say your goodbyes before you all move on in your lives and careers.

Two Hours to Curtain takes you backstage at a decades old repertory theater for its final performance before the theater is torn down. You are actors preparing to take stage together for the last time. The game ends when the curtain raises. Some will move on to new theatrical opportunities, while for others this might be their last time on the stage.

Two Hours to Curtain is a serious game with angst, relationships, uncertain futures, and hidden pasts. Other elements include mentor and student, actors aspiring towards other careers, a former child actor, typecasting, sex, drugs, a diva, under appreciated actors.

Players should be comfortable playing with a same or opposite gendered relationship, this is the theater after all. This game does not use any mechanic system, and does not have any woo.