Written by Alan De Smet, Gail Freedman, Aaron Pavao, Sarah Pavao, and Jim Silverstein

2 hours, for 8-9 players

The year is 4126 A.Q. Meatspace has been irrelevant for generations. Prior to birth, you were uploaded into a virtual environment of boundless space and endless possibilities. All of the burdens of meatspace- age, gender, sexuality, location, illness, and distance from loved ones—are just stories of long ago. No one alive remembers life in meatspace.

Now the world is about to shutdown. Three days ago, to the surprise of everyone, the government announced that the virtual environment must be shut down: it will cease to exist and all individuals will be returned to their meatware.

There are only 90 minutes until the world shuts down. Everything is in final preparations. In this narrow window a skilled hacker could break into the CPU (Center for Planetary Unity), the central hub. Such a hacker could make some last minute changes, influencing the new life in meatspace.

So you have come to the central hub.

Imagine living in the Matrix, immediately before it shuts down.