Peaky Midwest 2017 has come and gone. Stay tuned for details on Peaky Midwest 2018 in a few months!

Peaky Midwest runs Friday through Sunday and there are two ways to attend: as a writer or a player.

Attending as a Writer

If you attend as a writer there is a registration fee of $30 that covers your meals and writing supplies. You'll be expected to attend Friday and Saturday.

Writers are encouraged to attend on Sunday to playtest other people's games and run the playtest for their game, but we understand that some people may not be able to spend the whole weekend with us.

Attending as a Player

You can also attend Peaky Midwest as a player only. Players attend for free and they're expected to be there on Sunday. As a player you get first crack at playtesting the new games produced during the event. These are playtests of rough drafts, so please be flexible in what you're willing to play and be prepared to be patient with the rough bits.

Players will be fed breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Please register ahead of time so we know how much food to buy!

There will be some downtime on Sunday between games for meals and if you don't play games in every slot there will be space to relax in, board games to play, and other attendees to hang out with.

Children and Young Adults

Anyone under 18 may attend as long as a parent or guardian attends with them. If your child under the age of 18 is attending as a writer, you will be expected to join the same writing group as your child.


We will provide all major meals over the weekend. We will ask about your dietary restrictions during registration and our chef will do their best to accommodate everyone. We will make the menu available in advance so attendees can review it before the event.

The preliminary menu from Peaky Midwest 2017 is available if you'd like to get a rough idea of what we served.

If you wish to have alcohol please bring your own. You will be expected to show ID if you are drinking, even if we know how old you are.

Stuff to Bring

We will provide meals and some physical writing supplies such as pens, pencils, markers, sticky notes, printer paper, and easel pads. If you are attending as a writer you should bring the following:

If you don't have access to a laptop let the organizers know. We'll be doing our best to make sure there are additional laptops available for loan.

If you want to drink and are over 21, feel free to bring your own alcohol. If you are drinking at the event you must be able to show your ID, even if we know how old you are.

Your Game After Peaky

Generally only one or two writers from a team will have had time to work on revising and polishing games after the workshop. We encourage writers to revise their games to a polished form that could be run by strangers and publish them through the Peaky Midwest organization. Other Peaky Midwest writers will be able to get these published games from the organization for free and the general public will pay a small fee for each published game. We will use any money we raise from publication of games to subsidize the cost of future Peaky Midwest events.

Some legalese about rights:

By attending all writers agree that members of their Peaky Midwest writing team have the right to develop their game after the workshop. This means that you do not need the permission of your fellow writers to further develop a game you worked on at Peaky Midwest, although we urge people to continue collaborating with their team if they can. This is mostly a precaution to allow your team members to work on games if you drop off the face of the Earth.

All writers agree to grant the original writers of a game the opportunity to review the finished game before publication and the right to choose whether or not they will be credited in the publication as the original authors. If an original author does not keep their email contact information current with the Peaky Midwest organization or does not respond to a request to review a finished game for more than a month, they grant the other writers the right to publish the game without their name on it (the writers will explicitly remove their credit as original author so they aren't associated with any content that they were unable to review). Again, this is mostly a safeguard against people becoming completely unreachable or unresponsive.

By writing at Peaky Midwest you also grant the Peaky Midwest organization the non-exclusive right to publish your finished game. This means that writers retain the right to run and publish their games without consulting us. We request (but don't require) that you publish games through Peaky Midwest to help raise funds for future workshops.


Participants of all skill levels, including new players, are welcome to attend as players on Sunday. Attending as a writer is recommended only for people who have played at least one or two LARPs of a similar style to the ones our community generally produces.

By attending writers grant other Peaky Midwest writers and the Peaky Midwest organization limited rights to game material written at the workshop. For details about these rights, please see the Your Game After Peaky section above.

This is a private event in a private home. We expect all attendees to treat other attendees with respect. We reserve the right to refuse admission to or to remove any attendee at any time for any reason.